Insurans Umrah untuk Individu

Do you want extensive protection for all your trips?
Get TravelProtector from RHB Insurance today! Travel with peace-of-mind knowing you are well-protected with     comprehensive coverage for, TravelProtector.A specially designed comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan for your needs.
Special Benefits
Personal Accident - You will be paid up to RM200,000
Medical and Other Expenses
Medical Expenses up to RM300,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation up to RM5,000,000
Terrorism Cover up to RM1,000,000
Post Hospitalisation up to RM30,000
Repatriation, Burial & Cremation up to RM50,000
Child Care up to RM10,000
Compassionate Care/Visit up to RM10,000
Hospital Income/Allowance up to RM10,500
Travel Inconvenience
Personal Luggage & Personal Effects up to RM5,000
Luggage Delay up to RM600
Personal Money up to RM1,000
Travel Documents up to RM5,000
Cancellation up to RM20,000
Curtailment up to RM20,000
Travel Delay up to RM2,000
Missed Departure up to RM1,000
Personal Liability up to RM1,000,000
Hijacking Inconvenience up to RM900
Overbooked Flight up to RM750