Juliana Binti Abdullah

Umrah Cuti Sekolah Mei 2011
I have nothing to complain, only praise Syaza Travel on the excellent services they have rendered to all of us troughout our stay in Mecca and Madinah. Insyallah i hope to go for my umrah again next year and I will definately choose Syaza Travel & Tours. I have started recomending to all my friends and relatives to travel with Syaza. Thanks to zieta and her team on making our first Umrah something to remember Syabas! Syaza Travel & Tours atas perkhidmatan terbaik yang telah di beri kepada semua Jemaah. Kak Juliana Tour E-Mail Address: juliana@energyacademy.com.my

Hijri Date: 02 رجب, 1439

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