Safiah Samsudidin

Travel Package: 6Days 5 Nights Seoul, Korea
Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Dear Syaza Travel,The trip was really enjoyable and wonderful for Muslims. Luckily we choose to travel in Seoul and Mt Sorak and only 13 (11adults + 2 infants) of us in a family for this tour group which makes it a private family trip. Thanks Syaza for accepting us for the last minute booking. Thanks for getting us a very good and reliable tour guide from Korea, Ms Cecelia. She really understands us (Muslims and Mothers with infants) and do really a good job in planning our prayer time, prayer place and cover up all the activities in the itinerary. The best activities for us are Friday Prayer at Seoul Mosque, Thanks again. For us, this is the true Muslim’s tour. Wassalam Regards, E-Mail: